Supercharge your marketing with ClickDimensions — featuring Campaign Automation, Email Marketing, Lead Scoring, and more. Trusted by 3,000+ organisations worldwide, ClickDimensions puts lead control in your hands.

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Marketing Automation


ClickDimensions Marketing Automation stands as a global powerhouse for Microsoft Dynamics users, offering a suite of essential tools such as email marketing, campaign automation, and web intelligence.

This comprehensive solution not only enhances lead attraction and boosts sales but also goes the extra mile to refine customer engagement throughout the entire journey.

By providing a holistic marketing solution, ClickDimensions ensures that businesses have the versatile tools they need to navigate the dynamic landscape of marketing with confidence and effectiveness.


Sales Engagement

ClickDimensions Sales Engagement harmonises sales and marketing efforts, delivering control over leads.

Effortlessly attain targeted outreach, monitor interactions, and streamline operations. Utilise automated follow-up emails, leverage intelligent lead scoring, and receive insightful recommendations for optimal sales processes.

Bid farewell to guesswork, elevate your outreach strategies, and expedite the sales cycle using pre-approved brand materials.

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Intelligent Dashboards

ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards offer marketers a comprehensive perspective of sales and marketing performance, establishing a direct connection between activities, the sales pipeline, and revenue.

As a fully-managed solution, it is ready for immediate use, eliminating the time, cost, and frustration typically associated with traditional business intelligence tools.

Streamlining tasks such as data integration, dashboard optimization, KPI definition, and data refreshment reduces resource requirements.


Social Marketing

ClickDimensions Social Marketing is tailor-made for companies seeking to consolidate their marketing efforts. Within this all-encompassing platform, you can effectively oversee all marketing channels in one central location.

This unified approach not only saves time but also amplifies your capacity to schedule posts, harness the most fitting content, and derive valuable insights from interactions.

Through the streamlining of these processes, ClickDimensions Social Marketing enables you to optimize the impact of your marketing initiatives.

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